16 Jun

Walmart wants to help customers make the most of their time. Particularly while they're in the process of a bus commute, when very little can be accomplished other than checking e-mail and texts -- not exactly attractive options for riders otherwise tied to a computer for much of the day.

Now, commuters that frequent some 50 bus shelters in Toronto, Canada, can get a little shopping done while making their way to and from work. Thanks to the magic of QR codes, and shelter walls that feature Walmart ads, various products -- including Pampers diapers, Crest toothpaste and Tide laundry detergent -- can be ordered with a smartphone camera and paid for via PayPal. Perhaps the best feature of all, as long as it lasts, Walmart then delivers the purchased goods to your home for free.

15 Jun

Windows Phone fans eager to see what Microsoft will unveil with its upcoming Windows Phone 8 may be able to see those screenshots early. Leaked screenshots claim to offer consumers a glance at screens for the upcoming phone, revealing a few notable changes.

If the leaked screens are legitimate, consumers can expect to see the following changes when the overhaul rolls out later this summer:

14 Jun

The next big thing from Apple was recently unveiled at the company's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

CEO Tim Cook gave everyone the lowdown on Apple's newest version of its operating system, iOS7, what Cook calls "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone."

13 Jun

There's a new job site online. And it only wants attractive candidates for posted positions. Make that physically attractive., a dating site for those deemed physically attractive, is reportedly adding an employment component. This would presumably allow employers to hire only those folks that are "attractive" -- as voted on by the site's members, said to be some 750,000 strong.

Greg Hodge, managing director of, said in a statement, "An honest employer will tell you that it pays to hire good-looking staff. Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more."

12 Jun

At one time, Microsoft's stranglehold on the PC market seemed unshakable. Whether you bought a Dell or HP computer, that device came pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows. You then loaded Microsoft Office on it, putting more money in Bill Gates' pocket. But the market is rapidly changing as consumers replace aging desktops and laptops with tablets. And most of those tablets run operating systems that don't belong to Microsoft.

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