05 Jul

Smell-O-Vision dates back to 1960, when a film called Scent of Mystery featured various odors that were injected into theaters at certain key points during the movie.

Various attempts to bring Smell-O-Vision mainstream have surfaced over the years. The latest -- a contraption called The Madeleine, a "camera" that captures scents (but not images) and stores them online. So you'll never have to pine for the smells of the seacoast once you've returned inland.

The Madeleine, named after a Marcel Proust story in which a character triggers memories after eating a piece of cake, is the brainchild of Amy Radcliffe, a designer based in the U.K.  On her web site, she says, "If an analogue, amateur-friendly system of odour capture and synthesis could be developed, we could see a profound change in the way we regard the use and effect of smells in our daily lives."

04 Jul

When the iPad Mini came out, it seemed tablets were becoming more portable, making them easy to shove into a briefcase or purse. What we didn't realize at the time was that smartphones would soon begin growing, quickly approaching the size of that 7.87" X 5.3" screen. The most recent smartphone--the Sony Xperia Z Ultra--introduces an eye-popping 6.4" screen, besting the Samsung Galaxy by just over an inch. Sony says it released the mega-sized phone in response to consumer demand. More than 19 percent of big-screen smartphone owners want even larger displays, the company says.

03 Jul

The outspoken company, Samsung, previously decided subtlety simply wouldn't due. Their continuous slams against Apple are now targeting its latest accomplishment – the iPhone 5. Microsoft found this technique effective and is jumping on the bandwagon – enter Nokia Lumia 925 slamming the iPhone 5 and Samsung. Is Nokia a sore loser or an effective marketer?

02 Jul

Record purists -- those devotees of vintage sound recordings -- could possibly be horrified by the news: No, vinyl isn't dead. But it has been reincarnated. As frames for glasses.

Then again, re-purposing vinyl as something useful could keep some less valuable platters from ending up in a landfill. And the frames that are being made out of the records come with the additional benefit of being specially designed as art objects in and of themselves. Proving there is life after show biz after all.

A Hungarian company called Vinylize has been manufacturing the designer frames for about the last ten years. Several different styles are available for purchase on the company's web site. Prices are around €330, or roughly $450 USD.

01 Jul

For a while, Instagram seemed to be the darling of the social media world, with younger users flocking to the site to post pictures of their every waking move. Then came Vine.

Owned by Twitter, Vine is a video-sharing social media site that allows users to easily put together and upload six-minute video clips. Not to be undone, Facebook's Instagram, owned by Facebook, recently announced the addition of video clips to its photo-sharing service. But Instagram's new service lacks usability--one of the top tests for customer engagement.

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