15 Dec

If you had a cell phone in the 90s, chances are, it was a Nokia. At one time the company seemed to be leading the charge in providing cell phones that didn't require large bags to transport them around. Then Samsung and Apple took over, and Nokia became another one of those, "Whatever happened to...?" stories.

13 Dec

Many of us recall the days when your relationship with a business only meant physically engaging with the product and staff. Turn the clock forward and now we have the Internet – and social media – a complete game changer. Now, many of us prefer to engage through the Internet, which is why companies have jumped on board with social media. One thing is certain; done correctly social media has never been more beneficial for both businesses and consumers.

11 Dec

Ten years ago, if someone had shown us the prototype of an iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, we would have been blown away. At that time, it was hard to imagine what cell phones would eventually become. But just as we begin to think everything that could possibly be invented has, someone creates a new gadget that surprises us all.

As 2013 begins, many of us are trying to imagine what the year will bring. Will smartphones become thinner? Smaller? Larger? Invisible altogether?

How about bendable?

08 Dec

Anyone who's ever watched an episode of Shark Tank knows there's as many brilliant ideas as there are people on this planet. Scanadu has one of those devices. Featuring the tagline "send your smartphone to med school," this device uses a camera and smartphone to diagnose and recommend treatment for whatever ails you.

The device claims it can track vital signs, like blood pressure and temperature, and, through a disposable urinalysis test, issues like urinary tract infections and pregnancy-related issues.

05 Dec

Anyone who worked with the general public as a teen has heard the old saying, "The customer is always right." It's a saying we learned was flawed even at that early age. The only reason the customer was always right, we soon learned, was because the customer who yelled the loudest usually got his or her way, if only to end the colossal scene that customer was making. Did that make the customer right? Or did that simply make your boss too afraid of bad word-of-mouth to stand up for what was right?

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