06 Dec

Hotels continue to evolve into more than places to rest a weary body. Some offer themes that cater to specific interests or activities, from family vacations to gambling to...activism?

Yes, the daughter of a billionaire hotel magnate recently announced that she's beginning a new co-working and hotel space where activists can engage in wellness classes as well as more highbrow activities, like lectures.

The 209-room Eaton hotel, planned for Downtown Washington, DC, is meant to be a destination for social good. A trio of other Eaton hotels are in the planning stages -- locations in Hong Kong, Seattle, and San Francisco are slated to open within the next two years.

A couple of years back, Katherine Lo, 36, who previously held the position of executive director of Langham Hospitality Group, wanted to create her own hotel brand after taking in what she refers to as a cultural momentum. (Lo's billionaire dad is Langham chairman Ka Shui Lo.).

04 Dec

Some believe that UFOs regularly light up the night sky, with videos often surfacing on sites like YouTube to support that theory. But another segment of the population is doubtful, considering such reports nothing more than strange theories.

However, a new video appearing on YouTube purports to show a crashed UFO on Mars, saying it was dented and banged up, but visible nonetheless. True to conspiracy theories surrounding UFOs, the video claims our government knows about the crashed craft and is covering it up.

02 Dec

Over the years, Brian Madeux has had 26 surgeries to minimize symptoms of Hunter Syndrome, a serious genetic disorder with a general life expectancy of 15 years or less. But with no known cure available, the 44-year-old has been forced to live with the disease, which gradually damages various areas of the body, including thickening the walls of the heart.

In early November, Madeux was part of a revolutionary experiment in genetic therapy. For the first time, a gene will be inserted into the human body with the express purpose of altering a person’s DNA. The procedure is not guaranteed to work. In fact, the gene must be installed in a very specific part of the body to be effective. If misplaced, the change will be permanent and unfortunately, doctors likely won’t know for a few months whether the gene-editing procedure was successful.

30 Nov

The secret apparently went undiscovered for 128 years, until a paintings conservator at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Missouri took a closer look at what seemed to be a small object trapped in Vincent van Gogh's 1899 painting "Olive Trees."

"I came across what I first thought was the impression of a tiny leaf," Mary Schafer explained to Live Science. "But then, I discovered it was in fact a tiny insect."

The possible presence of a small bug wouldn't have been all that unusual, given that many artists, especially those working during the 19th century, painted in outdoor settings.

"You can find sand in the paint from beach scenes, plant material in forest scenes," said Schafer.

28 Nov

There may yet be hope for technophiles who don't want to come off looking like an uber-geek as they use a smartphone, smart watch, and fitness tracker all at once. With a smart coffee cup and a few digital personal assistants squawking every few minutes. Plus a few smart appliances whirring in the background.

Given the seeming ubiquitousness of all that gadgetry, though, one wonders why the worry would come in wearing a smart watch. Perhaps the concern over donning one has to do with style choices that are inherently more personal. And while many seem perfectly content to live in an ultra-wired world, it's possible they don't want the "wires" to extend to their persons -- yet, anyway.

For those who'd prefer to take advantage of the technology a smart watch can offer -- without the mini-computer look atop one's wrist -- venerable watchmaker Timex has what looks to be a safe compromise: The Fairfield Contactless, an analog watch that includes a Barclaycard bPay chip as part of the device's wrist strap.

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