11 Sep

No, the vintage glass-and-metal closets with a fluorescent ceiling light illuminating the word TELEPHONE on all four sides aren't making a comeback in the age of smartphones -- the ancestors of which, those lowly brick- and dumb-phones, rendered phone booths all but obsolete.

Instead, three phone booths recently adorned Duffy Square in the heart of Mid-town Manhattan's Times Square neighborhood -- as an art installation aimed at themes of displacement and belonging as each relates to the immigrant experience.

The project, "Once Upon a Place" by Aman Mojadidi, looks at the immigrant experience by way of oral histories that are presented in the form of phone calls. Incoming ones, announced by the familiar pay phone ring.

09 Sep

It would seem to make sense that anyone needing extra help in the areas of science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) would naturally want to do all they could to bone up in those areas. Extra classes, tutoring, seeking out a mentor would all prove sound strategies.

So why are some minority women looking to the world of dance to help themselves better compete in STEM fields?

A statement on the web site of Stem From Dance provides the beginnings of an answer: "Most minority girls from low-income areas don’t dream of being scientists or engineers. It isn’t because they’re unable, but because of a lack of confidence, preparation, and awareness of STEM careers."

07 Sep

In case anyone was hiding under a rock on or about August 19 -- perhaps the better place to be with all those warnings about traffic and potential eye damage -- the Great Eclipse of the Century, as some billed it, came and went without much fanfare. Other than, predictably, gushy live broadcasts "anchored" by teeth-and-hair- advantaged hosts who couldn't seem to take a breath without letting it all out with every obvious comment and observation.

Costs to whatever might be left to the integrity of cable news stations notwithstanding, the latest solar eclipse appears to have cost America where it always hurts most: the pocketbook. Specifically, the productivity pocketbook.

05 Sep

ContekPro, a container sales and modification company based in Portland, OR, boasts a variety of re-purposed uses for old shipping containers.

The company's latest: A Portable Farm that "offers unlimited applications" for organizations of all varieties, whether for- or non-profit.

Other modifications/uses for the rectangular, steel behemoths include the following:

Decontamination Showers: Ideal for isolated locations where waste and water lines don't exist, these units feature custom quick connections for waster water, electric, and water -- making the units one of the most competitive on the market.

03 Sep

Sleep is a rare commodity in many households, especially as children find themselves loaded down with more homework. But lack of sleep has been tied to serious health risks, the most recent of which is increased risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

In a recent study of 4,500 British kids, researchers found that children who got less sleep each night actually had an increased risk of insulin resistance, as well as having more of a tendency to be overweight. Perhaps most disturbing about the study, though, was the fact that as little as one hour’s reduction in sleep can lead to an increased risk of diabetes.

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