03 Aug

The mega-couple recently released a music video entitled "Apes**t", which features 17 works of art from the Louvre Museum in Paris.

According to a CNN report, the popular video was filmed on location and included works of art such as the "Mona Lisa" as a backdrop for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's inaugural musical partnership as The Carters.

With over 67 million views as of this writing, the video has been seen by some as a statement on Western art history and its banishment of people of color. The video also introduces the couple's new album, "Everything is Love."

01 Aug

Why cram yourself into a truly tiny house when you can opt to spread out in a 42-foot long behemoth that's still marketed as a tiny house?

One consideration, of course, is having a place to park such a giant tiny house. Another would be how much tiny house you can afford.

Still, the new Denali XL from Timbercraft Tiny Homes, an upsized version of the company's existing Denali model, boasts more floor space than some modern micro apartments. And the finishes are also top quality, making it an attractive option for those who can afford and host it.

30 Jul

Guests checking in to a Marriott hotel in China may be able to accomplish that task merely by submitting to a cursory scan of their faces.

The hotel chain announced that it had formed a partnership with Alibaba to develop a system that would result in a trial of the program at a pair of Marriott locations in China. Plans are also in place to roll out the system worldwide at some as-yet indeterminate future point.

According to a report from Reuters, China is leading the way in the implementation of facial recognition technology, whether by coordinating significant live events or simply making it easier to order fast food. However, not everyone is crazy about the idea of letting that technology run amok. Privacy rights advocates, for instance, have raised concerns that human rights could be violated by the ubiquitousness of surveillance activity, including facial recognition systems.

28 Jul

New research reveals that two existing drugs may boost immunity in senior citizens, possibly keeping illness at bay and extending lives. Researchers tested 264 participants over the age of 65, giving them either one or both of two types of drugs or a placebo. The two drugs tested were RAD001, which is used to treat cancer as well as prevent organ transplant rejection, and BEZ235, which was also designed for cancer patients. Both drugs affect a cellular pathway in the body closely tied to the immune system, among other bodily functions.

After administering low doses of the medication or a placebo for six weeks, the researchers monitored participants for a year. They tested each participant for infections and found that those who took the medications had a lower rate of infection. Those who took both drugs had only 1.49 infections, while the placebo group had 2.41, which was around 40 percent higher.

26 Jul

Humans have striven for centuries to communicate with members of the animal kingdom, but in recent years, scientists have gotten better at understanding them. A new study may take us a step closer to how horses communicate – particularly when it comes to what they’re trying to say when they snort.

A team in France began studying the snorting exhale that can be heard in every horse at some point or another. The study concluded that when a horse snorts, the action is likely a positive thing. The team looked at 48 horses, recording 560 snorts, as well as what they were doing when the snort came out.

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