27 Mar

While it's not a total mystery as to why food shoppers often find their carts straying into certain aisles or areas where less-than-wholesome food offerings reside, it's undeniable that the urge to at least check out "any good deals" in the candy or dessert aisles has entered the psyche of any person seeking to shed a few pounds.

"There might be a great price on some fat-free ice cream sandwiches that sort of taste like ice cream," you hear yourself thinking, along with, "I saw on a public television special that a snack of chocolate squares is OK -- as long as the cacao content is above 85%. I wonder how much that costs per square? Only that much? Hmmn, I might as well get some."

Don't want this to happen to you? Then a new shopping cart from the makers of Lipton Green Tea might be the ticket to making healthier choices.

25 Mar

Doctor house calls have been back in the news for a while, after decades of notoriously being impossible to even ask for, and a new app aims to send a physician to your home from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., any day of the week.

According to, all of its doctors are background-checked, primary care physicians who can conveniently arrive at the customer's office, hotel, or home.

And users need not wait to call upon Heal's services only when they are ill. Requesting a house call is OK even when the patient is feeling well or simply wants to try out a new doctor.

Some of the more common ailments that Heal doctors are called upon to treat include colds and coughs; fevers, flu symptoms, and headaches; rashes and infections; sore throats; sports injuries; and, stomach aches.

23 Mar

Mankind is always on the lookout for habitable planets, with Mars being the one hope in this solar system. However, a new study finds that we might not have to rely on the status quo. In fact, scientists believe volcanoes could turn a previously uninhabitable planet into one that could sustain life.

The science behind the study relies on the heat a volcano could bring to a frozen planet. The ice that forms on planets without a nearby star as a heat source has always made it unlivable. But one volcano could melt some of that ice, leading to an environment that could sustain life.

21 Mar

Consumers are already aware that a lack of sleep can lead to health problems, but a new study cautions against a major health concern associated with too much sleep. The study found a correlation between dementia risk and those who get more than nine hours of sleep every night.

The findings were part of the Framingham Heart Study, which monitored a large group of participants over a ten-year period to monitor for signs of dementia. The team explained in the journal Neurology that those who slept nine hours or more each night were six times more likely to develop dementia over a ten-year period than those who slept less than nine hours.

19 Mar

The old-telephone-handset-looking player, designed by Yves Behar, flips the playing of vinyl records on its back, sitting over the record and rotating on top of it much like the hands on a clock travel across its face.

According to Wired, "It’s weird. Really weird. Audiophiles might even call it blasphemous. So just wait until they hear Love can skip tracks, connect to Bluetooth, and be operated with your phone."

Love founder CH Pinhas is said to have come up with the idea for the revolutionary turntable because he'd grown tired of the constant flipping required to play his collection of phonograph recordings. Not to mention what it took to skip to a favorite track or two.

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