22 May

Last Fall, shoe company Nike announced its Ease Challenge, a contest for engineers, innovators, makers, and designers to come up with footwear designs for athletes of all abilities. The goal was to help athletes, including disabled athletes, to secure, put on, or take off their athletic shoes.

Submissions poured in from all over the United States from people with a wide variety of backgrounds. Every entry was given consideration based on factors such as performance, potential for use in different sizes and styles, and ease-of-use for athletes of all stripes.

In a Nike Press releaseJeanine Hayes, Nike’s Chief IP Officer, said, “The entries we received were inventive, creative and solution-orientated. It wasn’t just about designing a new shoe, we wanted a big idea that would accelerate footwear innovation in a way that makes the seemingly impossible possible for athletes of all abilities."

20 May

The all-electric bucket of bolts is priced at $52,000, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, and can travel up to 80 miles on a single charge. But the most remarkable aspect of the Workhorse pickup truck may be that it is not the product of a Silicon Valley startup or genius factory.

No, Tesla didn't come up with this one. Plus, the vehicle isn't geared at those who would like to boast that they're saving the environment while taking their non-chore-related truck out for a pleasure ride. There's a gas-powered generator available to recharge on the fly for longer trips.

According to PSFK, "The Ohio-based manufacturer Workhorse is most widely known to the general public for making UPS trucks and its electric car hopes to become a more cost-effective electric alternative to complement business fleets around the country."

18 May

All the debate in the world over whether prescription drugs are the answer to human ailments goes for naught if the afflicted can't remember to actually take their medicine.

Pill organizers of various kinds have existed for years now, but even those compartmentalized containers aren't much good if the patient becomes confused about whether they've taken their daily doses or, again, simply forgets the doses are due.

Enter Pillsy, a Bluetooth-equipped pill bottle cap that can remind people to take their medicine, vitamins, or most anything else. The gizmo, which comes as a vitamin or pill bottle cap, retailed for $39 until May 5, when the price was expected to double. It syncs with an app (either iOS or Android) that extracts information about certain drugs from a Food and Drug Administration database.

16 May

Working in partnership with Le Coq Sportif, automaker Citroën recently introduced a pair of show vehicles intended to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company's signature Type H van -- but with the addition of bold colors inspired by the Le Coq brand.

One of the vehicles pays homage to the classic Type H design, while the other, known as the Citroën Jumpy, sports sleeker and more modern lines. Both vehicles are intended to serve as mobile bike workshops and are scheduled to be on display at various Le Coq Sportif events throughout the coming year.

The Type H and the Jumpy can also be turned into workshops for flocking jerseys, should that need arise, illustrating the capacity of both vehicles to serve as functional yet pleasing to the eye. And both vehicles sport Le Coq's signature colors as well as the company logo.

14 May

Each year, more than 200 million people die from malaria, which hits Africa hardest. But a new vaccine could reduce malaria-related deaths by 90 percent by the year 2030.

Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi have been chosen as the first three countries to test the vaccine on hundreds of thousands of children. Children are most likely to die from the disease, since their immune systems aren’t as developed as adults. The vaccine won’t replace existing measures to prevent the disease, World Health Organization (WHO) officials have said. Acting as a supplement to those measures, though, WHO anticipates the injectable could save tens of thousands of people.

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