26 Dec

The World Health Organization says that the city of Lima, Peru, is the second-most polluted metropolis in Latin America. To remind Lima's residents and visitors of that fact, ad agency McCann Lima partnered with Calidda, a gas company in Peru, to create a campaign that uses the city's own air pollution.

The campaign, billed as ‘Lima Is Talking,’ gathers air pollution samples as a way of demonstrating the potential hazards of automobile pollution as well as the upsides of using natural gas.

The project included a billboard that used air pollution to generate a sobering message. CO2 pollution was collected by a special device, which subsequently broke it down into a powdery substance. As part of the breakdown process, the powder served as a kind of ink that could then be transformed into lettering on the blank billboard located in one of Lima's higher traffic areas.

15 days later, the billboard displayed the completed message: “It takes me a lot to breathe.”

24 Dec

Although scallops are unique sea creatures, they’re often overlooked in casual conversations about mollusks. But researchers were recently able to get an in-depth look at scallops’ unique visual system, thanks to a special telescope that allows them to freeze their subject and take a deeper look.

The study found that scallops have up to 200 eyes that work similarly to a telescope. Their visual system also includes tiny mirrors and crystals that can reflect light wavelengths in their surroundings, giving them the unique ability to see the surrounding area.

22 Dec

If you’ve wondered what life might be like on Mars, a new virtual simulation may give you a good idea. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has put together a 360-degree experience that can be viewed on YouTube. The video features a mockup of a Martian city that has been given the name “Wisdom,” along with showcasing projected mining and laboratory projects imagined to be a part of the city in the year 2117.

Viewers can enjoy the experience through a virtual reality headset, but they don’t have to have special equipment to participate. While watching the video, a movement of the mouse can help viewers take a look around the surface of the fictional city.

20 Dec

The first of their kind in India, the machines will allow for non-intrusive medical tests and also spit out health policies for as much as Rs 10 lakh without requiring human assistance.

The health ATMs, launched by Max Bupa Health Insurance (MBHI), will initially be located in financial institutions that partner with the company.

Ashish Mehrotra, MD & CEO, MBHI, told the Times of India, "This will simplify the purchase journey for health insurance products and more importantly ensure that the policy is delivered seamlessly to them. What ATMs did to banking, we should be able to do for health insurance with these machines."

In order to launch the service -- which will be limited to basic tests and simple indemnity policies rather than the company's signature policy that needs greater documentation -- MBHI is partnering with a health startup.

18 Dec

Neutral home decor is all well and good, particularly when bearing in mind that a prospective buyer might not be as into bold colors, accent walls, neon throw pillows, and antique finishes as is the current homeowner.

But there's something to be said for splashes of color to enliven an otherwise humdrum space. And if those colors could change along with the ambient light, the choice to implement them might prove as wise as selecting all that beige and brushed nickel to keep the atmosphere subdued.

Digital Habits, an Italian design company, has come up with a hanging light that gauges the ambient light in order to emit pleasing complementary rays in real time.

In fact, the Color Swing, as the device is known, can change colors as it swings from one place to another, picking up on objects in each area and instantly matching colors to them.

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