31 Oct

Until, that is, the next "something" comes along that campers feel the need to bring along while spending time away from the conveniences of home.

The Flash 634 from Chausson, while just a touch bigger than the average camping-style van, includes a quartet of actual beds (not just perches to try to sleep on), a cot, a pair of sofas, and generous storage space.

The 634 comes with a seven-year warranty, which the manufacturer pitches by adding, "Who can top that?" The warranty, which includes water tightness, is guaranteed when the unit owner brings the 634 in for a yearly inspection by an authorized service person in the company's network. Still, the company maintains that its warranty goes above and beyond those offered by its competition.

29 Oct

Airplanes have been used to write messages across the sky.

So why not use drones to augment photographs?

Reuben Wu's photography does, employing drones with mounted LEDs to "draw" brushstrokes of light across an image, filling it with creations that seem from another universe.

The musician and visual artist first came up with the notion of using drones in his photography a few years back, beginning with a series of images known as Lux Noctis (translated as "Light the Night"). According to New Atlas, the initial image in the series focused on elemental aspects of decorating the picture with light; as Wu honed his skills, the images took on greater sophistication.

27 Oct

One drawback of traveling on highways and interstates is mixing in with commercial truck traffic. True, truck transport proves vital in providing supplies and other items to all areas of a particular region or country, especially where rail or air traffic wouldn't be practical. But the trade-off for drivers of passenger vehicles often comes in the form of white-knuckle maneuvers on rain-and-mist covered interstates thick with semi-truck traffic.

On sunny, warm days, the problem can be one of tolerating heavy, thick clouds of exhaust for miles at a time.

Fortunately, there's now a semi-truck rig that uses a combustion engine powered exclusively from zero-carbon hydrogen fuel. The converted Volvo FH16 rig, developed by the Ultra Low Emission Mileage Company (ULEMCo), incorporates what is believed to be the first zero-emission combustible engine in the world. The rig has been designed to illustrate on a dramatic scale how hydrogen fuel can be implemented to make heavy vehicles free of carbon emissions -- in an efficient and cost effective way.

25 Oct

In what is claimed to be an historical first, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have undertaken a process of prenatal gene editing in order to ward off a deadly metabolic disorder occurring in laboratory mice. This is believed to provide a possible pathway to treat congenital diseases in humans before babies are born.

The team succeeded in implementing both CRISPR-Cas9 and base editor 3 (BE3) gene-editing tools to cut down cholesterol levels in the lab animals, applying treatment in the womb by zeroing in on a gene that keeps such levels under control. The researchers also took advantage of prenatal gene editing to boost liver function and ward off neonatal fatalities in the mice.

23 Oct

Nothing can halt a good workout in its tracks like excruciating pain. But virtual reality (VR) tools could be the solution to that, allowing athletes to keep training long after they might have otherwise given up. Researchers from the University of Kent recently revealed that they’ve found a way to use VR to improve performance and endurance during exercise.

Working with 80 participants, researchers monitored results between two different groups when holding an isometric bicep curl at 20 percent of the maximum rate each person could lift. A control group performed the exercise in a room containing only a chair, table, and yoga mat, while the other group was equipped with a VR headset that simulated that exact environment. After the fact, the researchers asked each participant to rate his pain level.

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