15 Sep

Following a failed attempt in 2017, a Norwegian group known as Offshore Sensing recently announced that its unmanned sailing vessel had completed a successful Transatlantic crossing.

The journey of some 1,685 miles began on June 7, 2018 in Newfoundland and ended on August 26 when the Sailbuoy Met reached the Irish coast.

The unmanned craft's previous, unsuccessful trip across the ocean finished after the Sailbuoy Wave had traveled about 2,800 miles over a time span of a couple of months. It was finally scooped from the water by a fishing vessel somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. When the craft was inspected to discover why it hadn't sailed as planned, the culprit was determined to be a loose screw which had more or less fried the autopilot controls.

13 Sep

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of getting older. You can fight them with Botox and plastic surgery, but you’ll at least deal with a few ridges here and there. But a new study may give you another reason to worry about the wrinkles you’re experiencing with age. It connects excessive forehead wrinkles to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers in France looked at data from more than 3,200 French adults, comparing adults who were aged 32, 42, 52 and 62 when the study began. Each participant was assigned a score on the number and depth of the forehead wrinkles they had. Over the course of the next two decades, researchers followed the study participants and found that 233 of them died.

11 Sep

Society conditions us to believe that moving is everything. The worst thing we can do is lounge on the sofa all day, binge-watching our favorite streaming TV series. Instead we should be hiking the nearest trails or training for a marathon. Still, even with all of these warnings, many people choose lethargy over activity.

Those people may be on to something. A new study from the University of Kansas and Oxford University reveals that laziness may increase a person’s lifespan. The data came from analysis of fossils that date back as far as five million years. After studying the information, the team discovered that species that needed more energy on a daily basis were more likely to die out quickly. On the other hand, those who expended less energy from one day to the next tended to live a longer life.

08 Sep

Hiking in the backcountry often involves navigating tight spaces, uneven terrain, and all manner of tree branches, shrubs, and other naturally occurring obstacles.

So, it makes sense to carry as few items as possible -- or at least, to carry items that take up very little space. Since any journey into the backcountry requires a number of items for safety and survival, making the most of every square millimeter of backpack space and economizing on the weight of items carried is essential.

The Osprey Levity 45 offers a camper the chance to achieve these goals by holding what amounts to a "compressed camp" that should weigh no more than about 9 pounds.

06 Sep

The founder of Vanarama, which leases commercial vehicles such as vans and pick-up trucks, is hoping to capitalize on the success of that brand by launching Autorama, which the Autorama Group hopes will become known as the "Amazon of Cars".

The company has invested £2 million in a marketing effort designed to persuade consumers that they can procure a car "within minutes" by filling out an online application form. Then, the new, leased vehicle can be delivered free of charge to their place of business or residence.

And the first major step in the marketing effort involves the installation of a so-called car vending machine at London's Waterloo station. On the heels of that initiative, the company plans to roll out an advertising campaign that encourages customers to cease buying and instead begin leasing their vehicles.

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