02 Jan

Groupon booked hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter in revenue in 2011, just three years after beginning operations. Google evidently liked the numbers so much, it offered to buy the coupon giant for $6 billion USD.

That deal never happened, which looks to have been a blessing in disguise. For Google, that is.

31 Dec

In Jeff Bezos’ world, profits rank lower on the list of priorities. What ranks first, is innovation. Can a publicly traded company openly say this and still manage to maintain a healthy market capitalization through the years? If Amazon’s success story is anything to go by, then the answer is a resounding yes. Just think of the things that Amazon managed to revolutionize.  Shopping, selling, publishing, reading and now computing. I believe it’d be safe to say that Amazon is rediscovering distribution as well.

Instant gratification certainly drives our world today. “Everything on demand” should be the slogan of this decade. If there was one thing that was holding a few shoppers back from shopping online, it was the fact that  buying online meant waiting for two days or sometimes a week to get the goods. Sure, nobody can beat the Amazon prices but waiting a week before you actually set your eyes on your purchase? Where’s the fun in that?

29 Dec

As electronics stores begin filling their shelves with Smart TVs, consumers are naturally drawn to the new technology. Change the channel without having to hunt for the remote? They're in...without question. But are Smart TVs too "smart" for their own good?

A research firm recently discovered a disturbing fact about Samsung's Smart TV. The team was able to hack into the TV, take over its settings, and browse any other data stored on the TV.

27 Dec

Facebook rears up for their new location and ranking feature called “Nearby” threatening popular companies like Yelp and Foursquare. For some time, Facebook has allowed users to check-in and share with friends their whereabouts. This check-in feature made progress after Facebook acquired Gowalla, which is similar to Foursquare only much smaller. Enter Facebook…

25 Dec

When you buy a Groupon, it's a win-win, right? After all, you've just guaranteed yourself significant savings and provided the merchant with profits from increased business.

Maybe so, maybe not.

One of the complaints to surface recently about Groupon is that merchants benefit far less than assumed. And even when they do, there's concern that the deals advertised aren't necessarily rooted in reality.

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