30 May

The new HTC Ones' sleek structure should not be confused with its hefty, powerful capabilities. This Android's new UltraPixel Camera has already been raved about, while the HTC First feature wants to get in your hands – and sell to you. Do you believe in second chances?

"Photos taken with the One look phenomenal when viewed on the phone's crisp 1080p display — they're nicely detailed and colors were vivid (perhaps a little too much so, more on that later)," mentions TechCrunch. While the HTC One teamed up with Facebook to create something similar to Facebooks "social-ticker," and calling it HTC First. Ars Technica Gears & Gadgets calling it a "…hard push on HTC's end for an overtly social theme, and the company hopes to sell you on this feature." Despite initial issues, the Smartphone has sold 5 million in sales, according to DailyTech.

With a camera rumored better then the iPhone 5's, good reviews and strong performances on many levels the HTC One may be here to stay. The HTC One is the first HTC phone to become HTCPro certified Smartphone in the United States, according to Android Central. CNEC says, "The gorgeous HTC One is a winner." Yet, there are still issues on many fronts and many are holding on to the potential best HTC Smartphone thus far. Ultimately, the future of this Smartphone is unclear.

28 May

Governments throughout the world buy it for use in criminal investigations, but just how legitimate is Gamma International's Finfisher. Finfisher is surveillance software that disguises itself as Mozilla Firefox, creating a problem for Firefox, who has, in fact, sent Gamma International a cease-and-desist letter. In the letter, Mozilla cites Gamma International's actions as an illegal trademark violation.

27 May

When it comes to records -- you remember, those round discs that contain musical recordings -- vinyl might be all but over with. But wood -- yes, wood -- may just be getting started.

The idea to cut musical tracks into wood might be novel in its own way, though the person making headway in the practice, Amanda Ghassaei of the Instructables web site, earlier tried to do the same with 3D printing.

25 May

If the push to stuff infotainment options into new cars keeps going at its recent pace, there may never be any reason to leave your car, other than for the barest of life's necessities.

The Nissan Friend-ME, a concept car reportedly aimed at young males in China, allows smartphone users to share content via strategically placed display screens. Mockups show a long, central screen -- known as the "oracle stone" -- that begins in the middle of the front dashboard and extends rearward toward a console that divides the back seat.

24 May

It sounds like a headline that The Onion itself might publish as satire.

In this case, however, the headline proved all too true.

According to the Onion Inc.'s Tech Blog, a pro-Assad hacktivist group known as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) began sending phishing emails to a few Onion employees around the beginning of May. At least one of the emails contained a link that seemed to go to a Washington Post story. The URL ended in "the onion". However, the link didn't go to the Post, but eventually redirected the user to a site that resembled that of Google Apps. That site asked for login credentials and then redirected to a Gmail inbox.

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