10 Jun

Just when you thought we'd seen everything cameras can do, Bell Labs comes up with the lensless camera. The technology, called compressive sensing, allows cameras to create a sharp image while capturing less data. While this technology has been under development for a while, Bell Labs stands out because the company has managed to make this technology work without a lens. The camera uses transparent openings to capture images, opening up new possibilities for camera design.

09 Jun

Never underestimate technology – or kids. Recently a group of high school students from Kansas City, Missouri defied their pasts as at-risk kids to convert an old car into an electric car powered completely by social media.

According to Forbes, the car isn't literally powered by social media. Yet if you're on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, those following MindDrive on Twitter provided the car 5 watts of social fuel. Facebook fueled the car 1 watt, while watching their YouTube powered the electric car with 3 watts.

08 Jun

Vertical living is about to get a lot of attention in the world's most populous country.

Broad Sustainable Construction is set to start building the world's tallest building sometime this month in the Chinese city of Changsha. The 838 meter-high project -- that's a little more than half a mile -- is also designed to be a self-contained city, offering everything from tennis courts to swimming pools to organic farm spaces. Those features will occupy just a few of the 56 courtyards planned for the massive structure, which will also incorporate a walkable ramp for those who want to put in six miles going from the first floor to the building's upper reaches. For anyone other than a penthouse dweller, from there it's a matter of finding the right elevator -- among 92 planned for installation -- back down to your final destination.

07 Jun

Weekend warriors of the back deck variety, get ready to start your BBQs. And as you do, consider 5 grills and gadgets described by Popular Mechanics for spicing up the battle this summer:

06 Jun

It may be hard to believe, but there are people in the world who have never conducted a Google search. Located around the world in areas without nearby access to cell phone towers or data cabling, areas like sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are among the estimated half of the world's population that doesn't use the Internet. For Google, increasing access means more advertising revenue.

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