31 Oct

Members of Porsche Passport, a new program launched by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), will be provided flexible access to the company's fleet of sports cars and SUVs.

The subscription program, which goes month to month, allows users to exchange a variety of 22 Porsche vehicles on a frequent basis; unlimited mileage is also included. Porsche has decided to conduct the pilot version of the program in metro Atlanta, partnering with Clutch Technologies, LLC. Both corporation are based in Atlanta.

In a press release, PCNA President and CEO Klaus Zellmer  said, "Our Strategy 2025 vision is to be the most aspirational brand in a new era of mobility and consumer expectations. Catering to customers' desire to experience our sports cars in new ways is a part of our core strategy. With Porsche Passport, we now offer our customers a simple and flexible driving solution at their fingertips."

29 Oct

In 1 B.C., a ship was traveling from Asia Minor to Rome when it crashed near an island. Recently, researchers discovered a bronze arm believed to be from the wreckage near the Greek island of Antikythera, exciting the scientific community at the possibility of what else they’ll likely find there.

The arm is part of what researchers believe were at least seven statues, all which went down with the ship when it wrecked. This isn’t the first item to be recovered from the site. Since being discovered in 1900, archaeologists have unearthed other statues, ornate glass and pottery, and a device they called an ancient computer.

27 Oct

Natural energy sources are vital to the planet, with experts calling for “clean” sources as a solution to the growing energy crisis. One natural remedy is wind power, which is generated by turbines that utilize the natural energy provided by Mother Nature.

But deciding where to locate these turbines, as well as how many to install, is key to making a significant change using natural resources. A new study suggests that the ocean may be the best place for turbines, with scientists releasing a report that shows with enough turbines, the wind over the oceans could provide “civilization scale power.”

25 Oct

Google's name for the concept is Project Loon, conjured in the company's mysterious X lab to hook up far-flung areas of the world by way of communications balloons sent high into the atmosphere.

Those balloons, now under the control of Google's parent company, Alphabet, have been given clearance for takeoff to areas over Puerto Rico as that island nation struggles to recover from the havoc wreaked by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

According to a report from New Atlas, "The idea behind Project Loon is to use a fleet of solar-powered balloons fitted with communications gear to form networks in the stratosphere, where they provide connectivity to those on the ground below. Alphabet has tested the balloons in New Zealand and Brazil, while the company has agreements with Sri Lanka and Indonesia to one day deploy them over those countries, too."

Given that more than 80 percent of Puerto Rico is deprived of cellular phone service, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently gave Alphabet an experimental license to deploy its balloons in Puerto Rican airspace.

23 Oct

As part of the company's Arts Program, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recently announced a partnership with Rockbund Arts Museum (RAM) in Shanghai, China. As part of the deal, American artist Asad Raza’s work Root sequence. Mother tongue, will be displayed at the RAM.

The installation is part of a larger project, called 'RAM Highlights 2017: Displace," which is intended to help the museum become more of a boundary-shattering experimental space, encouraging a varied and open viewing experience.

Perhaps more importantly for the car maker, the exhibit will kick off an ongoing relationship between the museum and the artist, permitting the work to be displayed all over the globe. After all, why dedicate corporate arts funding to but one corner of the world when it can pay dividends in lots of other places?

Not that anyone questions the company's commitment to altruistic values, including artistic ones. But the program can hardly be regarded as emanating purely out of the goodness of a corporate heart. The idea is evidently to marry a good deed with people's instinctive desire to explore worlds other than their a Rolls Royce, perhaps?

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