26 Jul

Humans have striven for centuries to communicate with members of the animal kingdom, but in recent years, scientists have gotten better at understanding them. A new study may take us a step closer to how horses communicate – particularly when it comes to what they’re trying to say when they snort.

A team in France began studying the snorting exhale that can be heard in every horse at some point or another. The study concluded that when a horse snorts, the action is likely a positive thing. The team looked at 48 horses, recording 560 snorts, as well as what they were doing when the snort came out.

24 Jul

Baumkuchen cakes, also known as spit or baum cakes, are a popular and traditional European chocolate dessert. Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), the confections recently have taken on an added entertainment dimension.

As crafted by Japanese confectioner La famille, the cake is now billed as a "unique gift item," presented in the form of a traditional vinyl LP record -- known appropriately as a Baum Record -- which is made of a black cocoa and dark chocolate base.

However, there's more to a Baum Record than its unique shape. Customers who buy one of the desserts can download an AR app (available on both iOS and Android platforms) that permits them to view images of the cake spinning, just as a real record would when being played, accompanied by a song and a customized on-screen message.

22 Jul

The new signage, which represent a range of family types and is being tested at the Westfield London shopping center, aims "to celebrate the diversity of modern families," says Volvo Car UK. The array of icons also accompanies the launch of the Volvo V60, billed by the company as the contemporary version of its mid-sized family estate vehicle. An advertising campaign for the car also incorporates the new icon designs.

Mike Johnstone, Marketing Strategy Director, Volvo Car UK, said in a press release, "The introduction of the new V60 gives us the ideal opportunity to celebrate the modern family in all its guises. The V60 perfectly reflects our human-centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners' lives easier and safer."

20 Jul

The service is more officially known as the Just for YOU Wellness Package and is being initially offered by the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC -- a place where people could certainly use some self-care and wellness.

A company press release pitches the service as something of a godsend, noting, "In today’s hyper stressed, time-crunched and over digitalised world, individuals and couples are struggling to find time to truly focus on themselves and their personal wellbeing." So, to help people "re-priorotize" their health needs, the hotel is offering the overnight retreat.

In addition to offering pre-arrival consultations with various experts, customers who opt for the package deal can receive 45-minute sessions with Reiki Healer Dinka Cammett, who will focus on customized approaches to recovery and self-healing. These sessions include a focus on Reiki techniques for using one's own energy for "self-curing". Other consultations include one-on-one time with Hotel Executive Chef Andrew Court and Certified Life Coach Elena Sonnino.

18 Jul

Or, as the headline writer for InStyle magazine aptly put it, "So Macy's Is Selling Braces Now?"

Hard as that may be to believe, it's true. The department store has joined forces with SmileDirectClub to offer customers the option of straightening their teeth in the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to schlepp to the dentist for every periodic adjustment.

The new service is possible because SmileClubDirect has fashioned kits designed for in-home use that permit customers to take their own impressions by sinking their teeth into the included material. After they mail in the impressions, SmileClubDirect will send back customized aligners.

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