If taking underwater selfies is your thing, you’ll want to check out this new watertight case for the iPhone. It addresses one shortcoming with many of the water-friendly cases that are on the market today: the need to actually use the touchscreen on a phone while underwater. The upcoming Amphipac uses a patent-pending AirScreen, which puts a low-pressure air pocket between two layers of film to provide the touch sensitivity necessary to send text messages, snap photos, type descriptions, and whatever else you need to do while swimming.

In addition to touch sensitivity, the Amphipac will also cause your iPhone to float on the water’s surface if you accidentally drop it. As with most waterproof cases, though, you’ll be limited in how deep you can dive. The Amphipac is only rated to go 16 feet below the surface. So, if you’re searching for a case you can use while scuba diving, you’ll need to keep looking.

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