Carting around a full-sized camping vehicle amounts to more than some road-trippers want to take on, particularly in regions with narrow roads or low clearances.

But who wants to take the time to manually "unfold" a compact camper once they've finally arrived at the perfect vacation spot?

Tipoon The Travel Machine solves that problem by expanding to three times its compact size at the mere touch of a button. As it opens upwards and outwards, the camper stabilizes to offer an inviting space for as many as four people.

The French makers of the Tipoon claim that, in its compact state, the camper will fit "everywhere, even in your garage!" By using a handy remote control, the camper is said to open or close in mere seconds. Given the interior height of 1.9 m (6.23 ft), most people should be able to walk around indoors without worrying about bumping their heads. The Tipoon can also be customized to include the owner's favorite accessories and colors.

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