A few years ago, media pundits speculated whether every prospective journalist would need to learn how to code -- writing specific lines of gobbledygook that tell web pages and their many features, such as slide shows and video displays, how to look and perform. Some believed that learning the vast intricacies of coding, where one errant space, punctuation mark, or character can cause an entire site to malfunction, needed to be mastered if one was to succeed as a journalist, better known today as a multimedia specialist; others maintained that journalists should seek to do what journalists always did and leave the technical stuff to, well, techies.

Those who subscribe to the former opinion about coding can now get their offspring started as early as possible, since the coding world is always expanding and adding features. For anyone who's worried that the little ones will indulge in too much screen time, there's a method for teaching kids about coding that doesn't involve screens.

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