The novel gizmo is intended to "challenge our cultural understanding of what an interface is and can be," say its Danish makers.

By combining machine learning with "capacitive sensing," Pour Reception transforms two glasses of water into a digital medium that the user can play around with and manipulate as they wish. The overall aim, say the creators, is "to change the users perception of what a glass is -- both cultural and technical."

Lead creator Tore Knudsen points out that the radio includes internal speakers, an auxiliary output, a modest guide, and a pair of glasses stationed atop a smooth surface. When water is added to one or both of the glass vessels, the radio starts up and beckons the user to hop around its interface, which manages typical radio functions.

Rather than operating the device with tried-and-true buttons and dials, however, this device runs as a user interacts with the two glasses. Want to change a channel? Simply pour water from one glass into another. Fine tune a station? Touch and hold the glass of water. Crank the volume? Merely touch the water in the glass.

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