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Don't OD on Vitamin D

In fact, if you're taking a vitamin D supplement, chances are that you're already taking more than you should.

While conventional wisdom says that taking an excess of vitamins isn't bad for you -- unless you go really sky high with the dosing -- excess amounts of vitamin D can reportedly produce negative effects when taken in high doses. And the effects can creep up on you.

One concern? Obesity.

The key to understanding the harmful effects of too much vitamin D lies in the fact that it is a fat soluble substance. So, if you take more than you should, it won't be naturally eliminated from your body through urination, the way that water soluble vitamins are.

As a result, says Popular Science, "Instead of being carried out in your body's wastewater, the vitamin will cling to your body fat for later use—which can compound the effects of daily overdosing."

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