Monday, 19 June 2017 00:00

See Through Walls with Walabot

The device, which attaches to a smartphone, will let plumbers, drywallers, electricians, and just about anyone else with an interest see what's behind a wall surface before beginning repair or reconstruction work.

Since it first entered the market about a year ago, the Walabot has been available only for users of Android devices (some Samsung devices are excluded). The company says that an iOS version is coming soon, and offers a signup page where iPhone users can enter their email address to be apprised of updates on the app's availability.

The Walabot DIY pack, as the device is known, currently retails for $199. It can detect metal and plastic pipes, electrical wires, studs, termite nests, and even moving rodents. It can be used on surfaces made of drywall and cement, plus some others, including tables, though not with surfaces made of metal, such as walls and barricades. (Thankfully, it's no good for a jail break.)

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