Tuesday, 04 April 2017 00:00

Bidding for Airline Seat Upgrades

Why should airlines give away upgrades when they can sell them to the highest bidder?

Air Canada now "offers" upgrades to passengers on eligible flights. There are currently two ways to submit a bid:

  1. Go to Air Canada's bid upgrade page to see if the flight is eligible and to propose how much you'd like to pay for it.
  2. Respond to an invitation to upgrade from Air Canada, which should arrive via email 10 days before your departure date.

So, how much should you pay? According to the airline, "the highest offer price you're willing to pay." Yes, like most anything else, an available upgrade on Air Canada is considered worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Passengers can revise or cancel their bids at any time up to 96 hours before scheduled takeoff. Those whose bids are accepted will receive email confirmations from Air Canada roughly 48 hours before departure time.

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