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Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR Coaching Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR Coaching

Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR Coaching

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The DribbleUp soccer ball comes from the same creator of a smart basketball. Erik Forkosh, a 24-year-old from Brooklyn, believes that Americans could compete more successfully on a global level if they had access to regular drills and quality training.

So, he invented the Dribble Up, which pairs with a smartphone app once the phone's camera zeroes in on one of the ball's three logos. Then, the user can start a series of drills that are arranged like a playlist.

"Instead of songs, you have drills," he explained to SportTechie.

When the image of a soccer coach appears on the phone, the user can watch a demonstration of the specific activity. In one drill, a pair of cones pop up on the phone by way of augmented reality (AR). They maintain a green color when the user keep the ball between them. But they turn to red when the user strays outside of the cones. At the same time, a speed meter can track the user's pace.

All of the video instruction is provided by Yannick Salmon, a former professional soccer player who was also a member of the Jamaican national team. Salmon now runs his own school, called the Salmon Soccer Training program, in New York City.

“It’s a staple of our program that I give to all my kids,” said Salmon. “Most players around the world, they just spend all the day with the ball. The kids in America are a little bit different. They have more things consuming their minds, so anytime you can give them those touches and just fall in love with the ball, it’s going to have a big effect over years to come.”

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