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No Driver's License Needed for This Autonomous Concept Car No Driver's License Needed for This Autonomous Concept Car

No Driver's License Needed for This Autonomous Concept Car

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The smart vision EQ for two, from the Daimler Group, combines urban mobility and individualized transport by picking up passengers from their desired location.

What's more, passengers will know that the vehicle picking them up is indeed assigned to them by glancing at the car's front black grille and large side display panels. And because the EQ allows for a great deal of individual customization, the vehicle is perfect for car sharing.

There isn't a steering wheel. Nor are there pedals. Instead, the interior space has been outfitted for maximum comfort -- or as much as one can expect for a two-seater.

The EQ is also designated as a car which includes all aspects of Daimler's CASE program, which stands for the strategic pillars of connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric).

Smart CEO Annette Winkler said, "The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility; it is the most radical car sharing concept car of all: fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities, friendly, comprehensively personalisable and, of course, electric. With the smart vision EQ fortwo, we are giving a face to the themes with which Mercedes-Benz Cars describes the vision of future mobility within the CASE strategy."

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG, added, "The smart vision EQ fortwo embodies the urban luxury of the future. It is a radical approach with a cool and minimalist design. The show car has the hallmark smart proportions, with accentuated, pronounced wheel arches at the four corners and with no overhang. A multiplicity of digital surfaces inside and outside allows the next level of communication between human and automobile."

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Jim Lillie

Jim began writing for newspapers and designing for publishing companies at a time when both industries were just beginning to make the switch from manual to digital platforms. Jim lives in Boulder, Colorado with his teenage son.

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