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Earth’s Oxygen Found on the Moon Earth’s Oxygen Found on the Moon

Earth’s Oxygen Found on the Moon

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Recent moon exploration has brought questions about whether there might have once been life on the planet. A Japanese spacecraft has discovered oxygen on the moon and have identified it as originating on Earth.

The discovery led one astrobiologist to theorize that there may be fossil organisms on the moon’s surface. The astrobiologist, Caleb Scharf, was not involved in the research into the discovery of oxygen, but he spoke following the oxygen discovery.

Scientists have pointed out that the finding is significant because it can show a historical relationship between the Earth and the moon. For years, experts have tried to trace the origin of our planet but doing so has been difficult, since evidence of that history has long been erased.

The key to how oxygen from Earth ends up on the moon has to do with the five days each month that the moon is shielded from the sun by the Earth’s magnetosphere. When that isn’t happening, the moon is often bombarded with highly-charged particles that come from solar winds. The Earth’s magnetosphere protects us from solar storms. During the five-day window, experts believe some oxygen ions from our planet may land on the moon.

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