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More Uses for Shipping Containers More Uses for Shipping Containers

More Uses for Shipping Containers

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ContekPro, a container sales and modification company based in Portland, OR, boasts a variety of re-purposed uses for old shipping containers.

The company's latest: A Portable Farm that "offers unlimited applications" for organizations of all varieties, whether for- or non-profit.

Other modifications/uses for the rectangular, steel behemoths include the following:

Decontamination Showers: Ideal for isolated locations where waste and water lines don't exist, these units feature custom quick connections for waster water, electric, and water -- making the units one of the most competitive on the market.

Commercial Kitchens: The mobile kitchen unit can safely accommodate the working needs of 5 to 6 chefs at a time. Depending on menu selections, options chosen at time of unit customization, and length of time required, ContekPro's kitchen unit can serve upwards of 600 meals a day.

Blast Resistant Shipping Container: Geared mainly toward the Gas, Petrochemical, and Oil industries, these units can provide a safe haven for equipment and people should a gaseous vapor cloud accidentally combust. Other equipment, including HVAC units, can also be installed.

Portable Offices: Seems like an obvious use, particularly with more and more businesses expanding to regions where they don't already have a local headquarters. Cubicle lovers rejoice: The company even offers to place partitions where needed inside the containers.

Portable First Aid Stations: While illness or injury can strike anywhere, it's clear that certain industries -- such as mining, construction, and manufacturing -- could benefit from a fully equipped emergency first aid unit on the job site. In some cases, the units are required by law to be installed.

Walkways: Some airports, including Denver International Airport, are already using these to shuttle passengers to outlying gates.

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