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Microsoft’s B2X Vision:The Marriage Of Lync And Skype

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A lot of times it seems that Google and Microsoft and other tech companies end up doing too many things at the same time, and in the process, create a confused market that is flooded with forgettable products. Often times,even good offerings get neglected until, say, Apple comes out with a similar product that is prefixed with an “i” and suddenly there’s a buzz around the “new” product. I am thinking Google Docs, Skydrive, the mp3 player to name a few.

Microsoft has some successful communication products under the belt but they have a problem with positioning. They may have taken a step towards integrating their scattered communication brands by announcing that they’ll be merging Skype and Lync. Skype remains the communication platform of choice of users worldwide while Lync is Microsoft's unified communications platform for business users. Lync includes corporate IM, VOIP and conferencing capabilities. Merging of these two platforms is a step towards a robust one-stop-shop solution. That still leaves the Windows Live Messenger hanging but I won’t be surprised if it comes into the fold eventually.

Consider this as being a sign of a future where our personal and professional lives will no longer be separate. The folks at Microsoft are calling this not B2B or B2C, but the B2X way of doing things-where there is no distinction between the business and consumer audience. Microsoft’s vision for a future comprises of a lifestyle in which communication is seamless. Even when on vacation, we are only a few tweets and updates away from our daily lives. Merging of Lync and Skype is only a sign of things to come.

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