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Genetic Modifications Could Eliminate Inherited Diseases Genetic Modifications Could Eliminate Inherited Diseases

Genetic Modifications Could Eliminate Inherited Diseases

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Genetic manipulation has faced tough criticism from those who are concerned about what might happen when science gets involved in the process of creating humans. But with so many inherited diseases costing human lives, researchers are always interested in ways they can make small adjustments to eradicate genetic issues.

Scientists at Oregon Health & Science University recently confirmed that they’ve been working with human embryos and have successfully modified their genes. The work, which will be published in an upcoming journal, involved using a method called CRISPR that allows scientists to modify a section of genes.

Although the modified embryos were never intended to be implanted into a womb, scientists believe that it shows that someday it could be used to eliminate inherited diseases from a particular gene pool. Once altered, the offspring could reproduce as normal with no trace of the disease they would have had without the changes, the team believes.

Despite the benefits it can bring, there are still concerns that genetic modification could be used to create “designer babies,” in which people chose the exact traits they want a child to have and have scientists modify genes to make it happen. Experts emphasize that there are still many regulations that would stop genetic modification from happening any time in the near future. This gives the public plenty of time to voice their thoughts about the practice.

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