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Could Snake Robots Someday Roam Other Planets? Could Snake Robots Someday Roam Other Planets?

Could Snake Robots Someday Roam Other Planets?

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Space rovers can only get us so far as they move across the surface of other planets. There are numerous areas too small for the large vehicles to squeeze into, which leaves sizable sections of areas unexplored.

The solution for that challenge could be in the form of small snake-shaped robots, which were recently commissioned by the European Space Agency. Originally introduced by the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research, the robots are shaped in a way that makes it easier for them to squeeze through various areas.

The plan to deploy the robots into space is more of a long-term application for the technology, however. In the meantime, astronauts could use the devices while inspecting and repairing spacecraft, if there’s an area that can’t easily be accessed by man. Snake-like robots could also be useful on the International Space Station.

In addition to exploring crevices on spaceships and planets, these robots could also be sent underground, exploring tunnels beneath the surface of other planets. This could give space agencies insight into whether those areas are habitable, providing information that could lead to colonization of planets sooner than anticipated. Underground living could be an answer to concerns about exposure to radiation, comets, and solar rays in other areas of the solar system.

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