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Mars Rover Concept Inspires Next Generation of Astronauts Mars Rover Concept Inspires Next Generation of Astronauts

Mars Rover Concept Inspires Next Generation of Astronauts

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The countdown has begun for the first Mars mission and scientists continue to come up with various ways to give explorers what they’ll need. One of those items is a Mars rover that is getting plenty of attention from sci-fi film fans.

NASA recently released its concept for the rover, which is being compared to the Batmobile. The rover was developed by Parker Brothers Concepts, a custom motorcycle and car builder based in Florida. The design is no surprise, considering Parker Brothers Concepts also designed a Batmobile replica for Saudi Arabia’s Team Galag.

The concept goes beyond simply looking impressive. The vehicle is equipped with life support systems, navigation and communication systems, and design and materials. Each part of its design is geared toward the unique conditions on Mars. It also has solar panels to provide power as the rover navigates the Red Planet.

But the rover will never spend time on the planet, however. Instead, NASA is using it as part of its “Summer of Mars” at Kennedy Space Center, where the next generation of Mars explorers are learning about space technology. Although the rover itself won’t spend time in space, elements of the concept could make their way into a future rover design.

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