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Honeywell Tech Could Revolutionize Airplane Travel Experience Honeywell Tech Could Revolutionize Airplane Travel Experience

Honeywell Tech Could Revolutionize Airplane Travel Experience

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Near the top of the list, far as videophiles are concerned: Uninterrupted high-speed streaming Internet that will allow passengers access to Netflix favorites.

Fast Company reports that airlines all over the globe are merging their on-board connectivity arrays to the latest iteration from Honeywell. Early results indicate that the Honeywell approach has cut operational costs by more than one-third, reduced fuel costs by upwards of 5%, and taken uninterrupted Internet experience to world-class speeds. Plus, the Honeywell systems have cut down on turbulence.

The company's flagship service, known as Connected Aircraft, recently embarked on a nationwide tour, beginning in San Francisco, where Fast Company's reporter got a first-hand look at things -- on a 35-year-old Boeing 757, of all places.

In addition to uninterrupted Internet capable of 35 Mbps -- made possible by a network of three, soon to be four, satellites -- Honeywell's system also boasts a basket of branded apps that are intended to help pilots and their support staffs transport passengers safer, faster, more comfortably...and, of course, cheaper.

GoDirect Weather, for instance, provides real-time radar-based weather data, including info about clear turbulence, the location of thunderstorms, and even comments from other pilots about the up-to-the-second status of sometimes not-friendly skies. The tool can also illustrate where pockets of turbulence exist and at what altitude, so that pilots can fly lower or higher to skirt around them.

That information especially comes in handy when navigating over the oceans, which lack ground-based radar systems.

And pilots no longer need to rely on weather charts that aren't able to be updated when airborne.

“On a 12-hour flight,” said one pilot, “that data you had when you took off is old news.”

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