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The Least Dangerous Drug of All May Surprise You The Least Dangerous Drug of All May Surprise You

The Least Dangerous Drug of All May Surprise You

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You’ve likely heard that cannabis is the safest of all recreational drugs—safer, in fact, than even alcohol. However, there’s one drug that beats cannabis for safety, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey. Hallucinogenic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin or psychedelic mushrooms, were found to be the safest of all substances based on the number of people needing emergency medical treatment after taking it.

Perhaps the biggest revelation of the study, though, is the ranking of alcohol as a dangerous drug. The substance ranked only above synthetic cannabis and methamphetamine in danger levels. Behind magic mushrooms and cannabis as the least dangerous were LSD, cocaine, amphetamines, and MDMA/ecstasy.

Only .2 percent of users required medical attention after taking magic mushrooms, according to the study, compared to .6 percent of cannabis users. Alcohol resulted in 1.3 percent of drinkers needing emergency assistance after consumption, with methamphetamines resulting in emergency calls for 4.8 percent.

Other studies have supported the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages, including one that named it the most dangerous drug of all, above traditionally concerning substances like heroin and cocaine. While experts emphasize that they don’t in any way recommend taking magic mushrooms, they believe it’s important to note the popularity of alcohol, which 99 percent of respondents reported having consumed at some point.

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