18 May
Sending Medication Alerts Via Bluetooth Pill Cap Sending Medication Alerts Via Bluetooth Pill Cap

Sending Medication Alerts Via Bluetooth Pill Cap

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All the debate in the world over whether prescription drugs are the answer to human ailments goes for naught if the afflicted can't remember to actually take their medicine.

Pill organizers of various kinds have existed for years now, but even those compartmentalized containers aren't much good if the patient becomes confused about whether they've taken their daily doses or, again, simply forgets the doses are due.

Enter Pillsy, a Bluetooth-equipped pill bottle cap that can remind people to take their medicine, vitamins, or most anything else. The gizmo, which comes as a vitamin or pill bottle cap, retailed for $39 until May 5, when the price was expected to double. It syncs with an app (either iOS or Android) that extracts information about certain drugs from a Food and Drug Administration database.

The smart pill cap can remind the user, via phone call, text, or lockscreen notifications, when a dose is due. In case the user forgets, Pillsy can send out warnings that a dose has already been taken. If the user isn't near the needed meds when a dose is due, a snooze button can be hit and Pillsy will send an alert when the person is within range of the drugs. There's a viewable history of dosages taken, and a sharing feature allows loved ones to be notified if someone has missed a dose.

Once it has been set up, Pillsy works without needing to open the app or press any buttons. Simply pair the cap with a smart device and take a couple of minutes to enter a dosing schedule. Forgotten doses are addressed by the cap beeping and also sending the Pillsy app a reminder.

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