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Shanghai's Giant Urban Farm Could Feed 24 Million People Shanghai's Giant Urban Farm Could Feed 24 Million People

Shanghai's Giant Urban Farm Could Feed 24 Million People

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How can the food needs of nearly 24 million people be met without needing to run an expansive farm, taking up valuable space, particularly in heavily populated areas?

By building a massive, vertical urban farm among the skyscrapers -- an idea that's gaining traction in various parts of the world where open, arable land is hard to come by.

Plans for the latest such farming laboratory call for a 100-hectare facility in the Chinese city of Shanghai, where high real estate prices make building vertically more economical. Besides, it's nice to see something alive and growing amid all the steel, concrete, and glass structures reaching skyward.

The Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District will include many different farming techniques, such as aquaponic and hydroponic systems. The many different buildings that make up the district will incorporate a variety of growing platforms -- seed libraries, algae farms, floating greenhouses, and vertical walls among them.

Central to the Sunqiao project is the concept of sustainable agriculture as being vital to urban health and growth.

The architectural firm responsible for the project, Sasaki, is quoted by Inhabitat as noting, “This approach actively supports a more sustainable food network while increasing the quality of life in the city through a community program of restaurants, markets, a culinary academy, and pick-your-own experience. As cities continue to expand, we must continue to challenge the dichotomy between what is urban and what is rural. Sunqiao seeks to prove that you can have your kale and eat it too.”

Those who wish to visit the complex will have the opportunity to tour a number of areas, including those set aside for a science museum, interactive greenhouses, and aquaponics systems.

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