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An Artistic Construction Wall An Artistic Construction Wall

An Artistic Construction Wall

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There's nothing that says a construction project has to look ugly, particularly with regard to fencing that separates the sidewalk superintendents from the building mess.

That's even more true when the project is for a major museum, in this case the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which recently broke ground on a new wing, designed by Frank Gehry, that's part of a $525 million campaign to give the institution -- still probably best known for the steps scene in the movie "Rocky" -- a makeover.

Rather than ask visitors to abide a drab, plain 450-foot-long construction fence, the museum teamed up with Pentagram to provide copies of various museum pieces on the structure -- a great idea, given that visitors might have to wait until 2020 (or beyond, given how construction projects often drag on) to get a look at some of the 75 works of art, including those by Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Jasper Johns, and Barbara Kruger.

Pentagram's Paula Scher told FastCo Design, “Our goal with the identity design and our ongoing relationship with the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been, and continues to be, to open up the collection to the public. The construction barricades are going up for three-plus years for the various renovation phases. The museum’s neoclassical architecture and lofty position on a hilltop makes it appear somewhat remote, and the construction barricades won’t help the museum seem accessible.”

Scher adds that the museum intends to shuffle the pieces a minimum of two times in an effort to tempt people to take a closer look inside while construction continues, noting that "some of the visitors to the construction wall may be viewing the collection for the first time.”

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Jim Lillie

Jim began writing for newspapers and designing for publishing companies at a time when both industries were just beginning to make the switch from manual to digital platforms. Jim lives in Boulder, Colorado with his teenage son.

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