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Artificial Magnetic Field Could Make Mars Habitable Artificial Magnetic Field Could Make Mars Habitable

Artificial Magnetic Field Could Make Mars Habitable

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The quest to make Mars habitable is ongoing, with scientists trying various approaches to setting up communities on the Red Planet. The latest of these ideas comes from NASA, where scientists have proposed a magnetic field to overcome the planet’s environmental challenges.

Using an artificial magnetic field, NASA believes the planet could shield itself against the sun’s rays. Crafting this artificial field would be quite a project, though. NASA has named the project Mars L1, proposing two large magnets that would hold inflatable structures in place to serve as shields.

In addition to shielding against the sun, the team at NASA believes the structure could also protect against the solar winds that are directed at Mars’ surface. The shield would first need to be stabilized, after which the planet beneath it would gradually become conducive to life.

Some scientists believe that Mars was once habitable, only drying up when the magnetic field protecting it from the sun’s radiation somehow deteriorated or became damaged. Interestingly, the same greenhouse effect that threatens to destroy Earth could also populate Mars with water by melting the two ice caps currently found on the planet. The proposed magnetic field was detailed at the recent Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop in Washington, D.C.

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