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Sleeping Too Much May Be Early Dementia Warning Sign Sleeping Too Much May Be Early Dementia Warning Sign

Sleeping Too Much May Be Early Dementia Warning Sign

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Consumers are already aware that a lack of sleep can lead to health problems, but a new study cautions against a major health concern associated with too much sleep. The study found a correlation between dementia risk and those who get more than nine hours of sleep every night.

The findings were part of the Framingham Heart Study, which monitored a large group of participants over a ten-year period to monitor for signs of dementia. The team explained in the journal Neurology that those who slept nine hours or more each night were six times more likely to develop dementia over a ten-year period than those who slept less than nine hours.

Unfortunately, the researchers feel that the excessive sleep is a symptom of dementia rather than the cause of it, which means someone can’t prevent dementia by sleeping less. However, it could make it easier for physicians to diagnose a person’s risk of developing dementia within ten years, based on patients reporting that they’re sleeping more than nine hours a night.

Although there is not yet a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s, early detection can be a big help. Primarily, it gives someone time to outline a treatment plan for when the disease begins to affect their ability to make decisions.

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