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Researchers Seek to Learn More About Diabetes Researchers Seek to Learn More About Diabetes

Researchers Seek to Learn More About Diabetes

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November 14th was World Diabetes Day, reminding the medical community and the consumer market just how much work still needs to be done in finding a cure. There are currently 400 million people worldwide living with the disease and that number is expected to increase to 640 million by 2040.

With so many people affected, it’s important to understand the behaviors that are contributing to the epidemic. Experts believe that obesity rate growth in America and Europe has led to an increase in diabetes diagnoses, due in large part to the more sedentary lifestyles residents now live. This combines with the poor dietary choices many people make on a daily basis to create a higher at-risk population than in previous generations.

In addition to educating people on what they can do to prevent diabetes, the medical community has also focused its efforts on treatments and cures. This starts with researching the genetic causes for those who seem as though they might be predisposed to developing the disease. Those genes are likely directly connected to the way the body produces insulin, so one professor says his group is focusing on the biology of the cells. Once they’ve identified the genetic link, they hope they can create new treatments.

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