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Drone Can Help Ships Navigate Icy Areas Drone Can Help Ships Navigate Icy Areas

Drone Can Help Ships Navigate Icy Areas

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Ice is an ongoing problem for ships navigating through the Arctic Circle, where crews are forced to navigate without being able to see what’s ahead. New technology could make such navigation easier and safer, though, thanks to the use of drones that can fly overhead.

Recently a ship tried the technology on a journey through the Arctic Circle. Using live footage from the drone, the crew was able to save more than two weeks, since carefully navigating through treacherous passageways takes much longer without knowing what lies ahead.

One scientist compared it to navigating through a corn maze. Having the benefit of seeing the view from above makes it much easier to know where to go next.

During the mission, which lasted about a month, the crew remained in contact with others in the Arctic Circle, ensuring everyone knew the drone was in the area. This prevented any danger that can come from having a drone in the same area as those who might be flying overhead.

The drone generally remained several thousand feet above the ground during the month-long mission. Overall, the crew estimates that the drone spent 19 hours in the air.

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