19 Nov
Ninth Planet Could Be Identified Soon Ninth Planet Could Be Identified Soon

Ninth Planet Could Be Identified Soon

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Since Pluto was reclassified in 2006, the solar system has been considered as having only eight planets. But in the past couple of years, a possible ninth planet has emerged, with astronomers arguing that it could explain the mystery configuration of a set of minor planets beyond the Kuiper belt.

Two new findings may bring the scientific community even closer to accepting the existence of a ninth planet. Although no ninth planet has been seen, one of the findings proposes that the mystery planet could be the reason for the six-degree tilt of the sun. In a statement, one astronomer said that the massive size of the planet, combined with its orbit tilt, is enough to gradually shift the Solar System out of alignment.

Planet Nine is estimated to be ten times the mass of Earth and an inclination of 30 degrees. This, experts say, is enough to cause the sun to tilt slightly. Currently eight to ten groups are estimated to be searching for the planet, making it likely a discovery will happen soon. Experts believe that a sighting of this ninth planet is only three or four years away.

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