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Electronic Health Records: Boring but Important

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The doctor-patient relationship is based on trust, more than anything. Your diet, your relationships or lack thereof; exercising or lack thereof; discomfort, sleeplessness-no topic is out of limits in that little examination room. Topics that you tiptoe around in your social circles; the doctor will go there. And you will answer. Because you want to feel better.
Like everything else, this relationship is far more complicated than ever before. Does the doctor have your best interest at heart? Is he being driven by insurance and pharmaceutical companies? Is she even listening to you while she types away at that computer? Add to this mix, the advent of electronic medical records and privacy issues and this is a mess that will take years to sort out.

Here are just a few ways electronic medical records can be misused:
1. VIP record snooping: Disclosing sports stars’, celebrities’ records for financial gains
2. Medical identity theft: Using patient data for fraudulent insurance claims, purchasing prescription drugs etc.
3. Financial identity theft: Using financial information in EMR
4. Disclosure to unauthorized people
Although the privacy acts like HIPAA protect your information regarding everything that happens within the medical premises, It fails to cover the related entities that have access to that information outside of the medical facility.
As the governments worldwide make electronic health records a high priority initiative, many are wondering how will the gargantuan system combat easy theft, shutdowns, large costs etc. In my opinion, all complications aside, this will offer easy access and improve decision making by physicians.  We will have more awareness about our own medical treatments. As with every big initiative, the key to success for this huge project is execution.

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