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Link Found Between Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles Link Found Between Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles

Link Found Between Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles

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Mammals have hairs, birds have feathers, and reptiles have scales, with these features being unique to each species. Over the years, many have postulated that there may be a common link between these features that bonds all species together. Today, that link may be one step closer to being proven.

A team from both the University of Geneva and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics seems to have found a common ancestor among all of these groups. After studying hairs, feathers, and scales of each species, the team found that there were commonalities in the molecular and micro-anatomical signatures between all three.

Both hairs and feathers can be traced back to the same primordial structure, which is known as a “placode.” However, scales can’t be traced back to that placode, leading scientists to believe there might have been some type of evolution involving placodes that led to new ones being created.

Although previous research has proven all three species have a link, the new team proved that all three species evolved from a common reptile ancestor. However, the team points out that new research needs to be conducted into how scales, feathers, and hair evolved so differently among their respective species.

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