22 Aug
Using Soap to Control Your Devices Using Soap to Control Your Devices

Using Soap to Control Your Devices

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With so many electronic and computing devices being used in private homes these days, it was inevitable that yet another device would come along to control them all. And the clever name given to the gadget -- Soap -- has already attracted some attention.

In fact, interest in Soap's Indiegogo campaign had exceeded the fundraising goal of $42,500 by over 550%, with one week left.

Billed as an all-in-one router with an HD touch screen display, 802.11AC and Android OS, Soap is said to provide everything a user needs for home automation.

The self-contained wireless home management system gives users top-level control over everything on their networks. Secure and intelligent, Soap can control all of the wirelessly connected devices in your home via a smartphone, Soap device or tablet -- from computers to lights to garage doors to game consoles to motorized window blinds.

The manufacturers say that Soap has something "no one else does" -- Quad-Band WiFi, which uses two 2.4GHz bands and two 5GHz bands to deliver speeds that outrun the competition. It's possible to increase some of those speeds even more with available upgrades and something called Soap Mesh technology, which allows two wireless devices to be connected as one, making both stronger and faster.

Soap works with Windows, OSX, Google Chrome and Linux, and, with virtually every type of connection built in, will easily connect to every device found in a typical home. As a result, there's no need to have a hub to talk with each automated device. Soap can manage them all because the device includes all of the leading home automation protocols.

You can even control Soap from voice-command programs like Siri.

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Jim Lillie

Jim began writing for newspapers and designing for publishing companies at a time when both industries were just beginning to make the switch from manual to digital platforms. Jim lives in Boulder, Colorado with his teenage son.

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