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Google Buses Set Off Flurry of Violent Protests

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Google has become known for its stellar treatment of workers, but one employee perk is setting off a firestorm of controversy in the San Francisco Bay area. At issue is the company's practice if providing transportation to its own workers using company buses, known as "Gbuses," to shuttle workers from San Francisco to its headquarters in Mountain View, located around a half an hour away.

The problem, as San Francisco residents see it, is that these highly-paid tech workers have moved into the area, increasing the cost of living in the city. One protestor referred to the Google workers as "the ruling class," stating that they live like kings while San Francisco's old-timers are forced to dig through their wallets for every dime they can find. To demonstrate their displeasure with the "tech-boom gentrification" of the area, protestors have begun camping out near Gbus stops, holding signs and even vandalizing the vehicles.

In response, Google is reportedly stationing security near stops, with two men clothed in black recently spotted near a stop in the Mission District. The city's mayor, meanwhile, is asking residents to stop blaming the tech workers, who are only eight percent of the city's economy.

"People, stop blaming tech, tech companies," Mayor Ed Lee told the San Francisco Bay Guardian. "They want to work on a solution."

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Stephanie Faris

Stephanie is a freelance writer and novelist whose work has appeared on,, the Intuit Small Business Blog, and many others. She is the Simon & Schuster author of 8 children's books, including the Piper Morgan chapter book series, 25 Roses, and 30 Days of No Gossip.

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