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Vending Machines Must Display Calories Vending Machines Must Display Calories

How Much is That Cookie in the Window? Vending Machines Must Display Calories

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That 2 p.m. trip to the office vending machine just got a little less fun. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vending machines will be required to display calorie counts for all items by the end of the year. If the information isn't printed on the front of an item's packaging, vending machine suppliers must post a sticker on the outside of the machine letting shoppers know the count.

While larger vendors are expected to lend machine distributors a hand by printing calorie counts on the front of packages, smaller snack manufacturers will likely be unable to afford to make such a widespread change initially. Since snack packagers aren't required by law to post calories on the front of each bag, the brunt of the responsibility will initially fall to the various companies responsible for keeping each machine stocked.

For vendors, this means taking on the cost of printing labels for a variety of calorie counts, not to mention the time involved in placing stickers in front of each item in each machine. Customers may also begin to demand more low-calorie options, once awareness is raised of the true calorie count of that bag of chips or cinnamon roll a consumer is buying each day. Over time, this could force snack manufacturers to focus on healthier options, pushing out such traditional high-calorie favorites as Frosted Pop Tarts (420 calories) and Hostess Fruit Pies (440 calories). This is likely exactly what the FDA is hoping will happen.

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Stephanie Faris

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