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Immerse-A-Clean Wand Makes Cleanser Out of Tap Water

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Add some electricity and a non-toxic catalyst and ordinary water can be used to sanitize fixtures, clean glass and scour ordinary surfaces -- all without having to cart around jugs of chemical-laden cleaning solutions.

The idea itself is hardly new: So-called bleach generators have been in use for several years. These work by channeling a fairly weak electrical charge that winds up electrolyzing salt content in H2O. The result? Sodium hypochlorite, which happens to be the most common bleach ingredient used to eliminate germs.

What's different about the Immerse-A-Clean? First off, it's compact, unlike the bleach generators, which tend to be fairly big. Second, the wand relies on battery power, not wall electricity, which makes it conveniently portable. Third, according to a spokeswoman for GenEon, which makes the wand, "Because we use a different technology...the 'bleaching' effect is achieved with a neutral pH solution, so you can actually use it without the worry of ruining clothing or furniture, etc."

The Immerse-A-Clean is clearly designed for institutional use, given the target price range of $1,995 to $2,100 that interested buyers will need to deal with when the device goes on sale, likely in the first quarter of 2014.

The company suggests that using the wand will become cost-effective over time, with no more cleaning solutions to buy. Cleaning with the wand will also be safer -- both for the cleaning professional as well as for the environment, which will be spared the scourge of post-cleaning chemical residue.

What do outside experts say? According to one group that tested the wand, "it performs as well or better than the leading cleaners and degreasers on dirt, grime and soil when used as directed."

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