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Web Hosting Made Easy (Part 1)

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‘Web Hosting’ is a word that one would find splashed along the length and breadth of the ‘World Wide Web’. But what exactly is web hosting? Web hosting is a term that refers to allotment of a portion of the ‘www’ to a client enterprise / individual either through sale or a leased contract.

The client can use this space to market their business (small / medium / large sized) on the internet and also interact with their customers for unmarred business development in the right direction. The person renting out that space, along with a functioning server, is called a provider or a host typically. And the person using the service is called the client.

In order to get your website up and running you must first register yourself with a provider and get a web hosting account that allows you to use the server resources like disk space for data storage and provides services like data transfer.

The next step is to put your entire web content on the server so that it is visible to all your clients, customers and business partners. These web hosting companies / providers are authorized owners of the bandwidth of ‘www’ that they claim to have and also provide other services like user interface for control and maintenance of the corresponding websites of the user accounts that they have leased out and providing a security for data transfers.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is exclusively used for e-commerce sites.

Factors to keep in mind while selecting a web host

So the factors of a desirable provider are

Reasonable cost for the disk space and bandwidth that you require.

  • The host must support your operating system
  • Access to control the website via control panel
  • A secure database for your site
  • Preferably more than one e-mail account could be registered for your site domain
  • Up-time and reliability of the provider
  • Check with company reviews for the customer support on the internet

It is not really possible for any server to have a 100% up-time since servers definitely require some downtime for updates, hiccups and upgrades. So we must look for a maximum up-time of 99.99%. Make sure the providers are genuine and provide you with their customer support numbers, e-mails and other communication channels, in case you run into problems with your site, network or servers.

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