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Web Hosting Made Easy (Part 2)

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Now that we are aware of the features / services available with a web host, let us get our hands dirty and get down straight to business. Consider the position of a small business owner (Online Store owner), who is highly dependent on ecommerce to sell his products. For such a client, it is highly essential to maintain his site up to date while marketing his product simultaneously. The business requirements of the client can be narrowed down to the following

  • The site must have at least 98% up-time.
  • Page rank of the site must be increased from time to time for marketing purposes.
  • New products and changing prices must be updated to the site as and when they come.
  • The website must be built on a light weight framework that allows faster transfer of data.
  • Faster resolution of website and network hiccups.
  • Maximum control and flexibility of the site, with transparency of the tasks done by both the client and provider.

Normally these requirements are addressed by simply hiring web hosts or web masters to do the job of creating an account for the client and working together with them. Choosing the right provider that offers maximum storage, bandwidth and control at a reasonable subscription price should be your mantra unless you want to end up disgruntled and dissatisfied. The most common types of hosting are

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting involves the use of a single server that is used by more than one client. Hence the name shared hosting. This is the standard web hosting package used by 89% of the clients that provides a specified amount of storage, bandwidth and control panel access for a reasonable amount and is best suited for small business owners.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of hosting, the client is provided with a dedicated server and its resources. This is best suited for large business that require large storage and bandwidth. It is much more expensive than shared hosting. Dedicated hosts also provide additional services such as managing the servers so that the client does not have concerns about server issues.

VPS Hosting

Shared hosting has a problem of either overusing or under using the space allocated to you. When you see another client using the server resource meant for you, then you definitely feel encroached upon. Dedicated hosting has the demerit of being too expensive. VPS is a cross breed of shared and dedicated since it implements the concept of virtual servers. Each server is separated into several virtual servers and is allocated to each account. This reduces security threats and substantially reduces the costs.

Once the websites are configured with the webmasters and the site becomes functional, it still has to be monitored continuously and the issues that rise have to be resolved immediately. As a proactive measure, the webmaster uses tools and software that scan the website meticulously for site vulnerability. This is called site health that is managed by the webmaster. It is the process that brings up the names of weak sites that are heading towards a shutdown.

As and when these names come up, the webmaster can focus only on the sites that need his attention and can optimally use his resources to avert website issues. Site health is a measure of the strength of a site that helps the web host to prioritize its issues.

Web hosting is best done with co-operation and mutual trust between the client and the provider and maximum communication between them.

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