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nissan self driving car nissan self driving car

Sit Back and Rest--in 2020, Your Car will Drive for You

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By the year 2020, self-driving cars will be a reality on American roadways, according to Nissan Motors. The cars will not only be able to drive themselves, but a Nissan senior executive said they'll also be affordable and energy-efficient. In a demonstration in late August, Nissan showed how its Leaf prototype would use radar sensors, cameras, and laser guidance systems to navigate through traffic, sensing danger on all sides.

The car has the ability to swerve to avoid an obstacle, turn right when a turn signal is engaged by the driver, and even stop for red lights. Recently, Nissan's luxury line, Infiniti, released a car that has the ability to detect obstacles two cars ahead and slow to a stop. The Infiniti already has a "Safety Shield" that can keep a vehicle within lane markers, warn the driver when he or she is about to cross one of those lane markers, and detect obstacles in a vehicle's blind spot.

Nissan isn't the only manufacturer working on autonomous cars. Google, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota are only a few of the many auto manufacturers currently developing prototypes for self-driving vehicles. But in order for driver-less cars to become mainstream, states must pass laws allowing them on the road. Autonomous cars are only currently allowed in three states: Nevada, Florida, and California.

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