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Nokia slams Apple Samsung Nokia slams Apple Samsung

Nokia: A Sore Loser?

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The outspoken company, Samsung, previously decided subtlety simply wouldn't due. Their continuous slams against Apple are now targeting its latest accomplishment – the iPhone 5. Microsoft found this technique effective and is jumping on the bandwagon – enter Nokia Lumia 925 slamming the iPhone 5 and Samsung. Is Nokia a sore loser or an effective marketer?

According to Business Insider, people think these slams are humorous and "cool." Nokia is jumping on the bandwagon to slam Apple and reap the sales-benefits. Not only that, it's a considerable race to see which will be released first. So far, Nokia is ahead with an announced release prior to the coming iPhone 5S.

With Nokia Lumia 925's considerably better camera, strong battery life and bigger display it's a strong fight. Yet the Nokia's Windows platform seriously lacks a strong selection of Apps, including the recently popular Instagram and Vine. It looks like the fight will continue for the better Smartphone.

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Ana Embry-Congdon

Ana Embry-Congdon's writing began with a Quantcast Top 35 website, and over the years evolved to working exclusively with mid-large size companies providing professional copywriting and social media needs. Embry-Congdon studied journalism with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Chico. She lives in Portland with her husband and toddler son. 

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