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Cars fueled by social media Cars fueled by social media

Students Create: Car Ran by Social Fuel

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Never underestimate technology – or kids. Recently a group of high school students from Kansas City, Missouri defied their pasts as at-risk kids to convert an old car into an electric car powered completely by social media.

According to Forbes, the car isn't literally powered by social media. Yet if you're on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, those following MindDrive on Twitter provided the car 5 watts of social fuel. Facebook fueled the car 1 watt, while watching their YouTube powered the electric car with 3 watts.

Their ultimate goal was to drive, 20 participating students, in the car they made from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. by June 6, 2013. Completely powered by your interest and social media participation. An important advanced participation that ultimately helped students become interested in education and technology. "It gave me some motivation, I would think. I had a set goal of being a professional athlete at first, not really caring about honestly, my degree or anything like that,” said student Kelvin Duley. “But I guess, this car has changed my perspective about how much a degree or education matters," according to Bay News 9.

The power of social media interest continues. This large demographic of young social media users will ultimately continue and strengthen as projects such as these succeed. This positive perspective on using social media and technological advancements correctly should be noted. And repeated.

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Ana Embry-Congdon

Ana Embry-Congdon's writing began with a Quantcast Top 35 website, and over the years evolved to working exclusively with mid-large size companies providing professional copywriting and social media needs. Embry-Congdon studied journalism with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Chico. She lives in Portland with her husband and toddler son. 

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