09 May
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iPhone app turned biometric scanner

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If the Pentagon wants your product, it’s likely going to do well. Recently, the Pentagon purchased California-based start-up AOptix “Smart Mobile Identity System” for soldiers to do facial recognition from their Smartphone, which came at a pretty $3 million penny. This biometric scanner machine is taking the meaning behind “advanced phone technology” to a different level.

The premise behind the app technology is to make biometric recognition easier then it has been in the past. The app even helps the person holding the Smartphone to know how close and how far away to stand. The built-in iris scanner can identify persons based on their created file. The app goes further then the using the iris for identification, it uses a person’s face, voice, fingerprints and biological information creating a secure, one-stop biometric scanner.

This app certainly isn’t free and comes at a hefty $199. “It’s not a consumer app,” says Amanda North AOptix marketing vice president. While this isn’t intended for consumers, consumers are able to purchase the app. Placed in the correct company’s hands it can be highly beneficial to those in need of a biometric scanner. If nothing else, this is huge indication as to the biometric data accessibility through the commercial market and where it might advance from here.   

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Ana Embry-Congdon

Ana Embry-Congdon's writing began with a Quantcast Top 35 website, and over the years evolved to working exclusively with mid-large size companies providing professional copywriting and social media needs. Embry-Congdon studied journalism with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Chico. She lives in Portland with her husband and toddler son. 

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