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Agro-Drone Could Replace Helicopter Sprayers Agro-Drone Could Replace Helicopter Sprayers

Agro-Drone Could Replace Helicopter Sprayers

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Spraying crops by helicopter comes in handy when needing a precise application to specific areas of a group of plants, such as exists in a vineyard.

But spraying by helicopters can also prove expensive, not to mention noisy and, depending on how close the choppers get to ground level, invasive.

AirBoard has come up with an agro-sprayer that operates in drone fashion at about 50 per cent of the cost of a traditional helicopter service.

The Agro, as it's known, is also said to be 500 per cent more precise than a helicopter; provides better root growth since it does not promote soil compaction; increases worker safety; emits less noise than a helicopter designed for agro-spraying, saves time, so vineyard owners can direct their energies to other priorities; and, since it is 100 per cent powered by electricity, the Agro is also more environmentally friendly than spraying by helicopter.

In addition to being more efficient due to its greater precision, the Agro also better helps to prevent the growing of fungi. And when less pesticide can be used -- again because of greater precision and efficiency -- yields occur through a greater degree of natural processes. The machine's downward-facing radar helps to position the Agro at just the right height above growing vineyards, even while flying up or down a terraced environment, further enhancing spray quality.

A promotional video of the Agro shows one of the machines deftly maneuvering about terraced crops with greater flexibility and ease than could be accomplished by either helicopters or human workers saddled with backpacks filled with pesticides.

The company is currently conducting active pilot tests of the Agro in Northern Europe and Germany markets.

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